2 Days in New York

Julie Delpy, Chris Rock, Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau, Alexandre Nahon, Kate Burton, Dylan Baker, Daniel Brühl, Talen Ruth Riley, Owen Shipman

Photographer Marion tells her lover journalist Mingus, referring to her sister's lover Manu, "He's totally delusional."
"He's mildly schizophrenic."
Mingus: "Mildly schizophrenic? You can't be mildly schizophrenic... hear the nice voices talking to him...?" (0:09)

Manu asks Marion, "Got any weed?"
Marion: "No, I don't have any weed."
Manu asks Magnus, "Do you know where I can score some good New York weed?" (0:17)

Marion tells her psychologist sister Rose, referring to Marion's son Lulu, "My son's not autistic."
Mingus: "We know Lulu's not autistic." (0:25)

Marion asks Mingus, referring to Rose, "You know what she told me? 'Lulu is autistic.' Okay?" (0:27)

Marion: "Is he a drug dealer?"
Manu buys marijuana.
"Buy your dope outside." (0:28)

Manu and Rose share a joint.
Manu: "I'm really high!" (0:31)

Marion tells Mingus, "I mean she's an exhibitionist... used to be a nympho." (0:31)

Rose asks Manu, "Still got a roach?" He hands it to her, and she lights it.
Bella, a neighbor writing the elevator asks them, "Wait a minute. Is that a joint?"
Rose: "Yes. It's okay... psychiatrist prescribed for my condition... I suffer from panic attacks."
Manu: "Me to. Big ones. Smoke up! It'll turn into one big bong! Let's get the old bitch high." (0:32)

Bella tells Marion, "Well your sister and some guy were in the elevator smoking pot." (0:39)

Marion asks Manu and Rose, "Did you smoke pot in the elevator?" (0:41)

Bellows urologist husband tells Marion, referring to her head CT scan, "If you didn't have these holes, you'd be severely retarded."
Mingus: "Insane behavior!" (0:47)

Manu tells Mingus's friend Justin, "If I may say so you did a... great job in all them Kumar go to White Castle..." (0:55)

Mingus's daughter Willow asks Marion's father Jeannot, "Are you an alcoholic?" (1:01)

Jeannot tells Marion, "Oh, Manu rolled a joint in front of the police station." (1:03)

Rose tells Mingus's parents, Carol and Lee, "So you know I'm a psychologist too, but my specialty is that I work with children."
Carol: "Are you familiar with the work of Françoise Dolto?"
Rose: "I wrote my dissertation on the work of Dolto at the Sorbonne."
Rose tells Jeannot, "Dad, they know Dolto."
Carol: "So insightful" (1:07)

Jeannot tells Carol and Lee, referring to one of Marion's photographs, "S & M." (1:08)

A gallery patron tells another, referring to Willow, "A little girl in a fairy costume who deals drugs!" (1:12)

Mingus tells Rose, "You're a shrink for kids." (1:18)

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