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Celeste and Jesse Forever

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Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Ari Graynor, Eric Christian Olsen, Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, Chris Messina, Will McCormack, Rebecca Dayan, Rich Sommer
Jean-Michel Basquiat | Viktor Frankl | beta endorphin | marijuana | methamphetamine | mixed amphetamine salts | Adderall
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Trend analyzer Celeste tells her artist friend Jesse, “I’m so psyched.” (0:04)

Celeste tells her friend Beth, “Honey, weddings are so stressful...” (0:06)

Celeste tells Jesse, “Beth and Tucker are crazy.”
Jesse: “Crazy.”
”The anti-gravity training was crazy, though.”
”His recovery time is insane.” (0:08)

Jesse tells his drug dealer friend, “You sell weed, Skillz.”
Skillz: “Dude, you seen those weed pharmacies on every... corner... I think I gotta branch out, maybe start working in methamphetamines.”
Jesse, referring to Celeste: ”I think she’s just overwhelmingly confused...” (0:13)

Celeste tells Jesse, referring to his art, “It’s like Koons meets Basquiat...” (0:22)

Her date Max tells Celeste, “So psyched.” (0:33)

Celeste tells Beth, referring to running, “But it’s good because it just, like, really gets my endorphins up.” (0:35)

Her musician date Rupert tells Celeste, “Skillz provides me with the happy smokey green treats.”
Celeste: “This is crazy, but...” (0:37)

Celeste, sitting on the toilet, hears a girl in the lady’s room ask her pop star friend Riley, “Here, do you want an Adderall?” (0:38)

Skillz tells Jesse, referring to Celeste, “You know, I’m kind of fine-tuning her cannabis levels right now, but she’s okay.”
Jesse: “She doesn’t smoke weed.” (0:41)

Beth tells Steve, “Okay, drunkie, let’s go home.” (0:50)

Celeste opens her front door to find Skillz waving a bag of marijuana.
Skillz, smoking a joint, tells Celeste, “No need to trip.”
He shares the joint with Celeste. (0:53)

Jesse tells Celeste, “You kind of look like a crazy cat lady.”
Celeste: “... and I know this sounds crazy, but...” (1:02)

Celeste smokes marijuana in a large glass pipe.
Skillz lights it and tells her, “Hit it.”
Skillz quotes “Viktor Frankl... I am... high. I’m so high...” (1:06)

Beth tells Celeste, “You’re just in a little time-out until you sober up.” (1:08)

Her pop star client Riley tells Celeste, “So I was at the club the other night, and there was a tranny dressed just like me.” (1:22)