Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Russell Hornsby, Mykelti Williamson, Jovan Adepo, Saniyya Sidney, Christopher Mele

Waste collector Troy tells his wife Rose and his friend Bono, “That’s why I don’t get but so drunk.”
Rose, referring to Troy, “... laying there with that fever, talkin’ plumb out of his head.” (0:11)

Troy’s older brother Gabe appears to hallucinate “hellhounds.” (0:29)

Troy tells Rose, referring to Gabe, “Man got half his head blown off.” (0:30)

Troy describes his father beating him at age 14. (0:56)

Troy tells Rose the Judge, referring to Gabe, “Say to show cause why he shouldn’t be recommitted.”
”Didn’t make no sense to recommit the man.” (1:13)

Gabe visits a gravestone marked “Mother” in a cemetery. (1:25)

Troy feeds Gabe in a psychiatric hospital day room. (1:29) 

Rose tells Troy, referring to Troy’s mistress, “Alberta died having the baby.” (1:32)

Cory tells Troy, “I was walking by you to go into the house, ‘cause you sitting on the steps drunk, singing to yourself.”
“You’re crazy.”
“You are just a crazy old man...”
”Yeah, I am crazy. If you don’t get the hell out of my yard, I’m gonna show you how crazy I am.” (1:48)

Rose tells Cory how Troy died. “He swung that bat and just fell over.” (2:02)

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