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Get Out

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Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, LilRel Howery, Betty Gabriel, Marcus Henderson, Lakeith Lee Stanfield
Jeffrey Dahmer | Adolf Hitler | nicotine
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A man walking tells someone by telephone, “It’s crazy. You got me out here in this creepy, confusing ass suburb.” (0:01)

Rose tells her photographer boyfriend Chris, “That was a dollar you decided to spend on nicotine.” (0:08)

Rose tells police officer Ryan, “I was just disoriented.” (0:12)

Rose tells her parents, psychiatrist Missy and neurosurgeon Dean, “It just fruck us out.”
Missy: ”Yeah, it must have frucked you out, big time.”
Dean: “Fruckin’ weird.” (0:15)

Chris asks Dean, referring to Missy, “She’s a therapist, right?”
Dean: ”Psychiatrist, yeah.”
Chris: “Owens won in front of Hitler.”
Dean: “I mean, Hitler’s up there with all his perfect Aryan race bullshit.” (0:16)

Chris tells Rose’s parents, “My mom passed away when I was eleven.”
Dean: “You Jonesing a little bit?”
Chris: ”I’m quitting.”
Dean: “Hypnosis.” (0:19)

Rose’s brother Jeremy tells the others, “... we’re all shit-faced...”
Chris: “No play fighting with drunk dudes.” (0:22)

Missy tells Chris, “We do use focal points sometimes to guide someone into a heightened state of suggestibility.”
Chris: “Heightened suggestibility?”
”I’m gonna quit.”
Missy hypnotizes Chris. (0:31)

Chris tells Rose, “I think your mom hypnotized me last night.”
”... now the thought of a cigarette makes me want to throw up.” (0:40)

Art dealer Hudson tells Chris, “The images you captur, so brutal, so melancholic.” (0:47)

By telephone Chris tells his TSA agent friend Rod, “I got hypnotized last night.”
”... to quit smoking, it’s Rose’s mom’s a psychiatrist..”
Rod: “Look, Jeffrey Dahmer was eating the shit outta niggas’ heads... You know, that’s just Jeffrey Dahmer business.”
”...’cause they probably hypnotized.”
” I think their mom is puttin’ everybody in a trance...”
Chris tells maid Georgina, “I was just confused.”
Chris: “... sometimes, if there’s too many white people I get nervous...”
”This bitch is crazy. The bitch is crazy.” (0:50)

Dean tells Chris, “Seizures create anxiety which can trigger aggression.”
Missy asks Dean, “Something to lighten the mood?” (0:56)

By telephone Chris tells Rod, “This is so... crazy.”
Rod: “You in some Eyes Wide Shut situations.” (1:04)

Chris awakens restrained in a chair. (1:12)

Rod tells detective Latoya, “Look, what I’m about to tell you gonna sound crazy.” (1:17)

By telephone Rod tells Rose, referring to Chris, “He got all paranoid, and then he freaked out on me...”
Rose: “I am so confused.”
Rod: “So last time I talked to Chris he told me your mama hypnotized him.” (1:19)

Hudson tells Chris, “Phase one was the hypnotism. That’s how the sedate you. Phase two is... mental preparation. It’s basically psychological pre-op.”
Chris: “This is crazy.” (1:23)

Groundskeeper Walter shoots himself. (1:36)