Diane Keaton, Kristin Griffith, Geraldine Page, Maureen Stapleton, Mary Beth Hurt, Richard Jordan, E.G. Marshall, Sam Waterston

Joey tells her interior decorator mother Eve, “I just don’t think you should delude yourself either.” (0:10)

Joey’s poet sister Renata tells her psychotherapist, referring to her mother Eve, “She was an insomniac... She’d had all this electric shock therapy... Before her breakdown she was a very successful woman... He always favored Joey. It just seemed that they were very close, and that I was left out.” (0:11)

Renata: “I suddenly found I couldn’t bring myself to write anymore.” (0:16)

Joey tells her political consultant husband Mike, “That really makes me anxious.” (0:19)

Her husband Frederick tells Renata, “You’re the one that’s supposed to be giving me insight into sex and other world shattering phenomena.” (0:21)

Frederick tells Renata, “I’m not in the mood for your lesbian friends...” (0:27)

Eve tapes the cracks around doors before turning on the gas on her stove to kill herself. (0:30)

Her attorney father Arthur tells Renata, referring to Eve, “She’s got to go back to the sanitarium for a while at least.”
Renata: “As usual, you’re obsessed with Joey while mother is lying in a hospital room.“ (0:32)

Renata tells Frederick, “It was like I was here and the world was out there, and I couldn’t bring us together.” Dissociation? Derealization? Depersonalization?
Frederick: “You’ve been under some kind of stress...”
Renata, referring to Joey: “She has all the anguish and anxiety... without any of the talent...”
”She should just marry Michael and stop her obsessive worrying...” (0:38)

Joey tells Eve, “You’re crazy... I just think you shouldn’t delude yourself.”
Eve, referring to Arthur: “Will you tell him that... my mood swings are less rapid.” (0:44)

Arthur’s girlfriend Pearl tells Renata, “Rudy was an alcoholic.”
”I went nuts.”
Frederick, referring to a play: “But depressing as hell.” (0:48)

Joey tells Renata and Arthur, “We all treat her like a patient...” (0:55)

Renata tells her sister Flyn, referring to Frederick, “Now he’s taking his rage out on these critical pieces...” (1:03)

Flyn tells Frederick, “And I happen to think you’re very drunk.” (1:07)

Mike tells Joey, “... you’re drunk.”
Joey: “I’m not drunk.” (1:12)

Flyn snorts cocaine.
”Frederick, you’re drunk.”
”You’re drunk.” (1:13)

Joey tells Eve, “I feel such rage toward you.”
”At the center of a sick psyche there is a sick spirit.” (1:18)

Eve walks into the surf. (1:21)

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