motivation assessment scale

Created by Mark Durand. A Likert rating scale that is used for indirect assessment purposes.  The MAS is a list of 16 questions, each of which alludes to a particular function/reason for a specific behavior to occur.  The MAS is usually presented in an interview format where respondents are required to select an answer from a 6-point scale (0 = Never, 3 = Half the time, and 6 = Always).  The points are then added up by grouping certain questions together (determined by the creators).  The highest ranked column is the specific function suggested by the interview.  It is important to follow up with direct observation and collect "live" data to confirm these hypotheses.  Typically the MAS is conducted with 2-3 different individuals on the same target behavior.

Definition reproduced by permission from Amanda N. Kelly at Behaviorbabe.

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