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101 Dalmatians

Rod Taylor, Betty Lou Gerson, Cate Bauer
chloroform | ether
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Dalmatian Pongo, referring to his songwriter pet Roger: “Oh he’s intelligent enough, as humans go...” (0:04)

Roger’s wife Anita: “Roger, you are an idiot.” (0:16)

Cruella Di Vil calls Anita and Roger, “You idiots.” (0:22)

Cruella De Vil, by telephone, tells her henchman, “Jasper, you idiot.”
Jasper: “Ah, shut up, you idiot.”
Cruella: “Why you imbeciles.” (0:31)

Anita calls Roger, “You idiot.” (0:32)

Roger: “Oh Pongo, you old idiot.” (0:34)

Cruella ask Jasper and Horace, “You got any chloroform?”
Horace: ”And no ether either.”
Cruella: “Now listen, you idiots...” (0:49)

Jasper: “Oh Horace, you idiot, dogs ain’t that smart.” (1:01)

Cruella tells Jasper and Horace, “... watch your driving, you imbeciles.” (1:02)

Puppy: “We could’ve fooled the old mad lady.” (1:10)

Jasper tells Horace, “You idiot.” (1:11)

Moving van driver, referring to Cruella: “Crazy woman driver.” (1:14)

Cruella tells Jasper and Horace, “You idiots...You imbeciles.” (1:16)

Reference in Barbershop