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Teresa Palmer, Frank Sweet, Sam Harris, Charles Baird, Joel Mackenzie, Marni Spillane, Clementine Mellor, Sarah Hudson, Gary Sweet
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Student Sean rolls a joint and smokes it. (0:09)

Sean, referring to attitudes about his homosexuality: “I love... and saying that shit people just look at me like, look at me like I’m this sick, perverted, twisted, little... outcast.” (0:10)

Student Sarah tells another girl student, referring to Sean, “Probably stoned.” (0:19)

Student Marcus recalls witnessing, as a child, his parents making love. (0:28)

Teacher Mr. Darcy tells student Steven, “... then you’d better go and see the counselor.” (0:32)

Sarah uses mouthwash after purging. (0:41)


The school counselor tells Sean, “No, but it’s a natural parental instinct.” (0:55)

Sean smokes a joint. (0:58)

Sean, referring to his brother: “He’ll... freak.” (1:05)

Student Kelly cuts her wrist with scissors. (1:27)

Marcus, referring to Kelly: “You know, not once... did she ask for help or indicate in any way that she was going to top herself.” (1:30)