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8 Women

Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Béart, Danielle Darrieux
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Maid Louise finds patriarch Marcel apparently murdered in his room with a knife in his back triggering grief in the women. (0:10)

Marcel's sister-in-law Augustine threatens suicide by overdose of pills for her heart condition: "Okay. I'll take them all and you'll be rid of me." (0:18)

Augustine's mother Mamy tells Marcel's wife Gaby, "Your sister wants to take all her pills." (0:20)

Marcel's sister Pierrette tells the other women, "I was depressed." (0:44)

Gaby tells her daughter Suzon of the fate of her biological father, "He died." (0:59)

Having hit her mother over the head with a bottle (1:17)

Gaby later tells her daughters, "Mamy is delirious." (1:24)

Catherine enters Marcel's bedroom. As she watches in horror he puts a pistol to his head and pulls the trigger. (1:42)