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95 Miles to Go

Ray Romano, Tom Caltabiano, Roger Lay Jr., Jearlyn Steele
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Comedian Ray tells his assistant Tom, "He's an escaped psycho killer." (0:15)

Ray tells his audience, "You become a hypo-, hypochondriac." (0:20)

Tom asks Ray, "Are you drunk?" (0:27)

Tom tells Ray, "From where I'm standing here we could convert this to an AA meeting..." (0:31)

Ray asks his audience, "Men are you people drunk?" (0:35)

Ray tells his audience, "Therapy. Save up for therapy." (0:46)

Ray tells the waitress, "My friend here is paranoid."
Ray tells him, "... in the waitress thinks you're paranoid." (0:52)

Ray tells Tom, referring to a bottle be found lying on the stairs, "I am neurotic to think that. I'm so neurotic I don't want to touch it either." (1:01)

Ray tells Tom, "You have a psychotic problem." (1:04)