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A Tale of Winter

Charlotte Very, Frédéric van den Driessche, Michel Voletti, Hervé Furic, Ava Loraschi
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Her mother tells hairdresser Félicie, referring to her lover Loïc, “He’s crazy about you.” (0:18)

Her salon owner lover Maxence corrects Félicie: “Stark raving mad.” (0:30)

Her friend Edwige tells Loïc, “You’re hooked by the charlatanism of the church.” (0:35)

Félicie tells Loïc, referring to her true love Charles, “There's a tiny chance I might find him in Paris: it obsesses me.” (0:42)

Félicie tells her friend, “I was crazy about Charles...” (0:51)

Félicie tells Maxence, “I can only live with a man I’m madly in love with. I’m not crazy about you.”
Maxence: ”This is insane.”
Félicie: “It’s mad to be mad about someone, but I’m mad... You can’t devote your life to a nut.”
Maxence: “You’re not crazy.”
Félicie: “My flash decision to come was mad.”
”I can’t live with a man I’m not mad about.”
Maxence: “I’ll tell the truth, that you’re depressed, but you’ll be better soon.” (1:02)

Loïc asks Félicie, “What do you want men to do... threaten suicide?”
”Confused?” (1:11)

Loïc tells Félicie, “It’s instinctive science.” (1:28)

Félicie tells her chef lover Charles, “You’re crazy.”
Charles”You’re crazy.”
”You’re crazy.” (1:45)

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