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An Affair to Remember

Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Richard Denning, Neva Patterson, Cathleen Nesbitt, Charles Watts, Fortunio Bonanova
Cary Grant
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Playboy Nickie tells fellow passenger Ned Hathaway, “It's an addiction.” (0:05)

Terry tells his friend Nickie, “I do hope it won't affect your ego.”
Nickie “I'll just take my ego for a walk.” (0: 12)

Terry tells Nickie, “... and I suppose they've all been madly in love with you.” (0: 13)

Nickie tells his grandmother Janou, referring to a painting of his grandfather, “I did it from memory.”
Terry asks Nickie, ”Did you do that from memory?” (0:36)

Nickie asks an art dealer, “What is it, something wrong with my memory? (1:10)

Terry appears delirious. (1:21)

Terry tells Nickie, “Well then I said, ‘Go on home and get tight’.”
Nickie: “They'll say, ‘There he goes, the mad painter’.” (1:47)

Reference in Sleepless in Seattle