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At Any Price

Zac Efron, Heather Graham, Dennis Quaid, Clancy Brown, Kim Dickens, Chelcie Ross, Maika Monroe, Red West, Sophie Curtis, John Hoogenakker
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Farmer Henry tells his son, “Dean, these people are bereaved...”
Dean: “I don’t want to be a part of this family.” They walk through the cemetery to farmer David’s funeral. (0:04)

Henry tells David’s son, “I know that you’re in grief, sir.” (0:05)

Theater marquis: “Final Destination 5” (0:10)

His friend Torgeson tells Dean, “You are insane. You are... insane.” (0:15)

Dean’s girlfriend Cadence tells Henry, “My mom makes meth in Jefferson.” (0:25)

Henry’s wife Irene tells him, “I love you, Henry, and you make me feel like an idiot for it every day.” (0:31)

A girl tells Dean, referring to her brother Keith, “Really, he’s like obsessed with you.” (0:33)

Harry: “This is insanity, Irene.” (0:36)

Dean intentionally drives his car through a corn field to hit a tree. Suicide attempt? (1:01)

Dean strikes farmer’s son Brad on the head with a hammer. (1:15)

Pastor in church: “In times of despair and confusion, it is important to have hope.” (1:25)