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Between the Miles

Leigh Schindler, Yolanda T. Ross, Tyler Cole
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Busker Florence snorts a drug. (0:02)

Florence: "Where am I?" (0:03)

Staff member Erika tells Florence, "There will be a staff member or social worker with you at all times." (0:06)

Florence asks staff member Gloria, "Are you the social worker?"(0:06)

Social worker Taylor asks Florence, referring to smoking, "You tryin' to quit?" (0:11)

Erika tells the others, "Those who don't return end up... doing drugs..."
Florence: "So freaking out is not an option." (0:15)

Florence snorts. (0:18)

Erika tells Florence, "It's been a crazy day." (0:22)

Taylor tells Florence, referring to the kids, "The social workers will be here to pick them up today." (0:22)

Florence scores from drug dealer Bronson. (0:30)

Chris asks Florence, "You stalking us?"
Jamal: "Hey Chris, a social worker probably hiding behind that tree over there." (0:30)

Chris tells Florence, "... it's better than being beaten up by parents that don't care."
"If you take me back my social workers gonna take me back to juvie or something." (0:32)

Shard tells Jamal, "Obviously she doesn't, idiot." (0:40)

Florence snorts then fingers an empty packet. (0:50)

Florence scores from Bronson. (0:52)

Florence shows the boys her new packet. (0:53)

Jamal, referring to Shard: "I knew it was PMS."
He asks Florence, "You know what transgender is?" (0:56)

Florence accosts a passerby: "Hey, I got some gutter glitter." (0:58)

Chris tells Jamal, "I have a visual memory."(1:00)

Taylor tells Florence, "I've been a social worker for years..." (1:02)

Chris asks Florence, "Are you nervous?" (1:14)

Florence tells Taylor, "For some crazy reason I thought I could make a family out of them." (1:23)