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Brassed Off

Pete Postlethwaite, Tara Fitzgerald, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Tompkinson, Jim Carter, Philip Jackson, Peter Martin, Sue Johnston, Mary Healey, Ken Colley, Peter Gunn, Melanie Hill, Stephen Moore, Lill Roughley
Margaret Thatcher
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Title: “... (Member) of British Conservative party, e.g. Margaret Thatcher.” (0:00)

Miner Jim tells his miner friend Ernie, referring band leader Danny, “Well, if he goes mad it’s not our fault, is it?” (0:06)

His wife Sandra tells Danny’s miner son Phil, “Aye, and they’re all as daft as you are.” (0:08)

Sandra tells Phil, “If I don’t have a day away on me own, I’m goin’ to go friggin barmy.” (0:24)

Wife Vera tells Jim and Ernie, “You daft idiots, you never resigned, did you?” (0:27)

Flugelhorn player Gloria tells Danny she is “Nervous.” (0:28)

Miner Andy tells the wives, “Sex, drugs and rock and roll, eh, girls?”
Wife Vera: “We can do without drugs and rock and roll.” (0:30)

Andy tells Gloria, referring to Danny, “Oh, aye, daft old codger.” (0:37)

Phil tells his wife Sandra, referring to Andy, “He’ll go friggin’ barmy.” (0:54)

Betty asks Danny, “You think anyone’s interested in some daft football match?” (0:55)

Phil, referring to Jesus: “He’s even thinking of taking my old man, and Margaret bloody Thatcher lives...” (1:20)

Phil tries to hang himself. (1:22)

Danny asks Phil, “You lost your marbles?” (1:22)