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Cheaper By The Dozen

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Clifton Webb, Jeanne Crain, Myrna Loy, Betty Lynn, Edgar Buchanan, Barbara Bates, Mildred Natwick, Sara Allgood
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Oldest daughter Ann, narrating: "After a few days of organized confusion we were packed and ready to depart." (0:07)

Ann's efficiency expert father Frank tells her mother Lillie, "You're the psychologist." (0:22)

Frank: "Sorry, Lillie, but all that quiet down there makes me nervous." (0:24)

Frank tells Dr. Burton, "You're crazy." (0:25)

The cameraman tells Frank, "But this ether."
Frank: "Never mind the ether."
Frank tells Dr. Burton, "You mean to tell me you knocked my little girl unconscious for no reason at all?" (0:30)

Dr. Burton tells Frank, "I'll give you something to make you sleep." (0:33)

Frank tells Lillie, referring to the children, "Twelve of them, and hardly an idiot in the bunch." (0:38)

Ann: "Along with Dad's, Mother's fame as an industrial psychologist... had grown also..." (0:45)

Anne tells her father Frank, "While we're both in the mood, you might as well know it's a little late for that now." (1:00)

Frank tells Lillie, "I said I was going... even if it has to be in that insane calliope. "(1:05)

Bill tells his sister, "Oh, Andy, our daddy's dead." (1:21)