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Everything Is Illuminated

Elijah Wood, Eugene Hütz, Boris Leskin, Jana Hrabetova, Stephen Samudovsk, Oleksandr Choroshko, Ljubomir Dezera, Gil Kazimirov, Zuzana Hodkova
Michael Jackson | alprazolam | Xanax
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Collector Jonathan Foer stands before the grave of his grandfather Safran Foer. (0:03)

Prescription bottle with “Xanax” scribbled on the label. (0:06)

Collector Jonathan’s grandfather Safran has died. (0:07)

Tour guide Alex's father, referring to grandfather Alex: “Papa, I already have one son walking around Odessa looking like a raving lunatic.” (0:10)

Alex, referring to Sammy Davis, Jr., Jr.: “Because of this she is not a real seeing eye bitch and is also mentally deranged... I also dig... Michael Jackson.” (0:12)

Alex father tells Alex's grandfather Alex, referring to Sammy, “She’s demented.” (0:15)

Alex tells Jonathan, referring to Sammy, “Okay, she’s deranged, but so, so playful.”
Jonathan: “I have a phobia, a fear. I’m distressed by dogs.”
”I have a very serious, serious problem with dogs.” (0:21)

Alex asks Jonathan if “Michael Jackson” is a jew. (0:24)

Alex tells the waitress, referring to Jonathan, “Please, this American is deranged.” (0:29)

Jonathan tells Alex, “My grandmother would go crazy if she new I was here.” (0:33)

The travelers pass a wedding in a graveyard. (0:44)

Alex: “I’m not a moron, you know.” (0:46)

Old Lista tells grandfather Alex, referring to a man in a photo she refers to as Baruch, “They said he was insane.” (1:10)

Grandfather lies dead in a bathtub having cut his wrists. (1:31)

Jonathan pours river sand over Safran’s grave. (1:40)

Alex pours river sand over Baruch’s grave. (1:40)