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Gimme Shelter (2013)

Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser, James Earl Jones, Ann Dowd, Stephanie Szostak, Emily Meade
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Her stockbroker biological father Tom tells Apple, “We’re gonna have to get in touch with your social worker or someone assigned to your case and let them know that you’re here.”
“When I was eight, I was taken away from my mother when she was arrested for drugs. I was dropped off at a mental hospital where they kept me in a steel room all by myself because I didn’t fit in with the other kids.” (0:12)

Marie: “Agnes, I’m Marie Abeanni, your social worker.”
”Your mother has custody...”
Apple’s mother June: “You crazy?”
”You know, I didn’t have no social worker caring about me.” (0:40)

Apple tells housemother Afra, referring to Cassandra, “She’s crazy.”
Cassandra: “Actually, you shouldn’t call people crazy around here.” (0:53)

Apple reads from her file: “It says compulsive, anxiety and personality disorders.”
House resident Destiny: ”What’s compulsive?”
House resident: ”Drugs, prostitution, criminal record, personality disorder.”
House resident Denisha: ”Mental and physical abuse as a child, chronic depression, and must overcome fear.”
Apple: “Severe physical abuse, runaway, parental drug/alcohol abuse... aggressive behavior...”
House resident Carmel: ”You’re not aggressive.” (0:59)

June hits Apple.
Kathy tells June, “I am required by law to report any abuse.” (1:01)

House resident on telephone: “... I’m cravin’ some red velvet cake.” (1:04)

June attacks Apple. (1:09)

Apple tells Tom, “You know, it’s crazy how you can go and live with strangers and feel so much joy and not feel like you’re any different...” (1:33)