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Here Come the Waves

Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton, Sonny Tufts, Ann Doran, Gwen Crawford
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A fan faints. Another says, “She’s fainted.” (0:15)

Crooner Johnny tells his sailor friend Windy, “... really I’m just a figment of a mad press agent and a mad dream.” (0:18)

Singer Susie faints. (0:23)

Susie tells her singer twin sister, “Oh gosh, Rosemary, look how nervous I am. I know if I’m alone with him I’m just gonna faint again.” (0:30)

Windy tells Rosemary, “I’m in a mood.”
”You know how crazy I am about you...” (0:48)

Sue tells Rosemary and their fellow Wave Ruth, “... he held me in is arms... and I didn’t completely faint.” (1:04)

Windy tells Johnny, “You’re crazy.” (1:06)

Sue tells Windy, referring to Johnny, “The one thing I’m scared of with him is I’ll faint.” (1:09)

Sue (disguised as Rosemary), tells Johnny, “Just between us, I’d love a real snort.”
”Come on outside, I’ll give you a slug.”
“Do you mind if I take another little nip?” (1:10)

Johnny: “Windy, you’ve got to get over your inferiority complex.” (1:11)

Windy asks Rosemary, “What happened to you, idiot?” (1:14)

Windy asks Johnny, “Are you out of your mind?” (1:17)

Windy tells Rosemary, referring to Johnny, “The guy must be out of his mind.” (1:24)

Sue tells Johnny, “Hey look, I didn’t even faint.” (1:37)

Sue faints. (1:38)