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House Of Grace

Malik Barnhardt, Randolph Brooks, Brandi Magee, Ethel M. Austin
crack cocaine | cocaine | cocaine freebase | heroin
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Keisha’s father tells a woman, referring to Keisha, "... she's become a crackhead." (0:01)

A man on the street tells Keisha’s fiance D-Rock: "Man, give up the pipe, and get a job."
"Man, give up the pipe, and get a job." (0:05)

D-Rock tells Keisha, "See you tripping going to the church anyway." (0:06)

A crack pipe falls from D-Rock’s fingers. (0:06)

Keisha smokes crack cocaine with a soda can. She shotguns D-Rock. An older man smokes crack with a soda can. (0:07)

Pastor Hearnes: "Your babies are stuck on crack." (0:09)

D-Rock tells Keisha, "That coke done messed you up, didn't it?"
Keisha: ”You know, there's more to life than this, D-Rock. There’s more to life than just freebasing and getting high and laying in the streets.”
D-Rock: ”Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. I got your back, don't worry about it.” (0:09)

Female preacher: "The trump card beats out drugs... What, ain't nobody in here ever heard of drugs? You never heard of drugs before? See, the trump card even beats out drugs." (0:13)

D-Rock tells Keisha, "Don't throw me that marathon shit, running around like you crazy."
Keisha: ”It was stronger than any high that I ever had before.”
D-Rock smokes crack with a soda can.
He asks Keisha, ”You want to hit this? You want to hit it?... Don't worry about me... Hit this one time, hit it baby. You better hurry up before I hit it.”
Keisha takes a hit. (0:14)

Ms. Williamson tells Pastor Hearnes, "We are not able as parents to be here in this whole community because of these drug houses... we need to burn down these drug houses."
Ms. Mitchell: ”These junkies and panhandlers, they're driving away all the decent folk.”
”There's crackheads all over the streets. There's prostitutes that are doing drugs.” (0:18)

Keisha asks Pastor Hearnes, "I fainted?"
”I never fainted before. I passed out high, but I never fainted before.” (0:24)

D-Rock tells the others, "You smoke rock, don't you?" (0:26)

D-Rock steps on his crack pipe. (0:27)

D-Rock’s father cooks a drug in a spoon. D-Rock asks him, “You a junkie or something?”
”Who's the... you calling a junkie? You don't call me no... junkie. Don't you ever call me no mother... junkie, nigga. You don't call me no goddamn junkie.” (0:33)

Grace House woman Ms. Douglas: "You must be that D-Rock, crackhead nigga."
”You a crackhead.”
D-RocK: ”Don't call me no crackhead.”
Ms. Douglas: ”Okay, you smoke crack.” (0:36)

D-Rock tells his Uncle Earl, a barber, "Don't worry about what kind of watches."
”That's my medication.” (0:44)

D-Rock tells store clerk Jayna, "Alright, don't worry about it." (0:49)

D-Rock tells Keisha, "Oh baby, I'm clean too. I'm clean, I'm clean all day, clean." (0:57)

D-Rock tells Keisha, "I told you, I didn't get high in 3 days. All I want to do is just a little rock."
Man: ”I need my medicine. I'm starting to feel funny now. I'm a need my medicine.” (1:01)

Man smoking a crack pipe. (1:02)

D-Rock tells Keisha, "Don't worry, baby." (1:02)

Keisha tells D-Rock, "I wasn't supposed to be smoking. I quit."
D-Rock: ”Don't worry about that.”
He physically abuses her.
A man in the background smokes a crack pipe. (1:03)

Evil voice: "Are you a junkie or something?"
In a flashback, grief overcomes D-Rock as he discovers his father's lifeless body. (1:07)

D-Rock tells Keisha, "I'm straight. I ain't been high... Dice, am I high? Am I high? Am I high? Am I high?" (1:09)

D-Rock holds the muzzle of a revolver to his head as though to kill himself, then drops it. (1:12)

Flashback of D-Rock’s father cooking and shooting heroin. (1:12)

Flashback of D-Rock and Keisha smoking crack. (1:13)