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Bruce Abbott, Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, David Gale, Robert Sampson
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Herbert tells the others, "The dosage was too large." (0:01)

Medical student Dan, referring to the patient they are trying to resuscitate: "She just needs a little more time for the drugs to circulate." (0:05)

Brain researcher Dr. Hill, "We all pray for some... drug, potion, pill." (0:16)

Hill toasts Dean Halsey's daughter, and Dan's girlfriend: "To Megan... the obsession of all who fall under her spell." (0:18)

Dan tells Megan, referring to Herbert, "I told you, he's a little cracked."
Dan calls the cat, "Rufus, come on now, you mad animal." (0:19)

Herbert asks Dan, "Why, because it's mad?"
Dan, referring to Rufus, "You drugged him..." (0:28)

Dean Halsey asks Dan, "You've involved Megan in your insanity?" (0:31)

Herbert, after reading the tag on a corpse: "Malpractice." (0:34)

Halsey tells Megan, referring to Dan, "He's mad." (0:36)

Herbert tells Dan, "Obviously the human dosage factor is unknown. Increasing the dosage..." (0:37)

Herbert tells Dan, "We probably only revived the senses and the instincts..." (0:41)

Herbert tells hospital security guard Mace, "You see, Halsey came in, grabbed that thing and, well, went crazy." (0:45)

Halsey in a straight jacket in a padded room. (0:45)

Hill tells Megan, referring to Halsey, "Until we know exactly what happened to him, there's no way to determine his course of recovery." (0:46)

Dan tells Megan, referring to Halsey, "He's not insane."
Megan: "You're insane. You are insane!" (0:49)

Hill tells Herbert, "I'll have you locked up for a madman, or a murderer." (0:52)

Dan tells Megan, "Your father's been lobotomized." (0:59)

Dan: "Herbert, you're insane."
Referring to Hill, "He lobotomized him..."
Referring to Megan, "I think he's projected some sort of psychotic need onto her." (1:00)

Dan tells Megan, "I guess I'm just getting paranoid." (1:06)

Halsey applies restraints to his daughter's limbs. (1:09)

Hill tells Herbert, "My discovery, a laser surgical drills makes possible a new technique in lobotomy which results in total mastery of the human will." (1:14)

Herbert screams, "Overdose!" (1:16)

Dan grieves as he realizes he cannot resuscitate Megan. (1:20)