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Romance & Cigarettes

James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Steve Buscemi, Bobby Cannavale, Mandy Moore, Mary-Louise Parker, Aida Turturro, Christopher Walken, Kumar Pallana, Eddie Izzard
nicotine | testosterone | tobacco
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His wife Kitty tells steelworker Nick, “Only a giant among idiots would marry you.” (0:07)

NIck tells a cop, “You know I saw her coming out of the loo of her crazy sister’s apartment...” (0:15)

His co worker Angelo tells Nick, “The carrot-top’s gonna need 20% more anesthesia.” (0:19)

In Nick’s dream Kitty visits Nick’s grave with her lover. (0:31)

Male voice in urologist’s office: “Do you have low testosterone? Do you have a decrease in libido?... Does the shape of your glans cause you anxiety?” (0:36)

Rar tells the others, “I told my psychiatrist.” (0:37)

Her daughter Constance asks Kitty, “Ma, you want a hit?” (0:48)

Kitty tells her youngest daughter Baby, “Wild, crazy eyes, like an animal peering out of a forest on fire.” (0:50)

Kitty tells lingerie clerk Tula, “I’m in the market for... the kind of underwear that makes a man lose his mind.” (1:02)

A paramedic tells the cop, referring to Nick, “He tried to kill his self.”
She asks Nick, “Why you tryin’ to kill yourself, sir?” (1:03)

His mother Grace calls Nick “Nicolas nicotine.” (1:08)

Kitty’s neighbor Frances asks her, “Hey, what are we, peeping Toms?” (1:18)

Rosebud dictates, “We’re a crazy family, but there’s love still here... This is my statement of feelings.” (1:22)

Nick tells Kitty, “‘You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun’ would drive anybody crazy.” (1:25)

In confessional, Nick tells the priest about “My sweet little princess, nicotine.” (1:28)

Constance learns of Nick’s death by telephone.
Military honors for Nick. (1:36)