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The Adderall Diaries

Wilmer Valderrama, Christian Slater, Cynthia Nixon, Ed Harris, Timothée Chalamet, Amber Heard, Daniel Flaherty, James Franco, Michael Cristofer, Jim Parrack
Truman Capote | clonazepam | Klonopin | heroin | hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Vicodin | mixed amphetamine salts | Adderall
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Boys huff propellant from cans. (0:04)

Writer Steven's friend, referring to a basketball player on television: "Your kids will weep at your funeral." (0:06)

Television reporter referring to accused murder: "Hans lost legal custody of his precious children." (0:07)

Stephen's friend Roger tells his daughter, "Looking like a deranged little ragamuffin with no shirt on." (0:12)

Stephen lectures: "I lived on the streets until an overdose put me in the hospital, and I became a ward of the state."
Stephen's father Neil, referring to Stephen: "He was a drug addict..." (0:17)

His journalist friend Lana tells him her band was called "The Lys Dexics."
Stephen: "Oh, like dyslexic."
Lana: "I guess I ultimately figured out it was less fun to have bad sex in the back of a van sober."
Stephen: "What kind of sober?" (0:22)

His agent Jen asks Stephen, "Do you have any sense for how many phone calls and hysterical emails I've gotten?"
Stephen: "My dad's crazy." (0:25)

Stephen snorts lines of pills he has pulverized. (0:27, 0:28)

Stephen and friends smoke an unidentified substance in a pipe. (0:27)

Neil tells young Stephen, "Kill yourself, you... asshole." (0:27)

Stephen lies in snow having cut his arm. (0:28)

Hans' son Cori on the witness stand: "The psychologist."
Attorney: "Now, did you remember the part about your dad carrying the bag before the psychologist talked to you?"
"Do you get a little... confused sometimes?" (0:29)

Lana tells Stephen, "It seemed at some of the earlier custody trial statements..." (0:30)

Stephen tells Lana, "No, I just can't write."
"Then I started taking Adderall." (0:32)

Stephen tells Roger, referring to a necklace, "You gave it to me the night after I overdosed." (0:34)

By telephone Stephen tells Jen, "Look, Norman Mailer, Truman Capote... got massive writer's block..."
Jen: "They fell into addiction."
Stephen: "Truman Capote writes his masterpiece..." (0:37)

Neil tells Stephen, "You were a strung out drug addict."
"You were tryin' to kill yourself."
Stephen: "You... beat the shit out of me..."
"You were grieving? As if I wasn't... grieving." (0:41)

Stephen engages in sexual masochism (0:43)

Hans on the witness stand, referring to Cori's mother: "She was inventing illnesses for Cori, making him go through all these medical procedures, giving him medications that were making him sick... She didn't like him on some deep, conflicted level."
Hans' testimony provokes flashbacks to traumatic memories for Stephen. (0:43)

Stephen tells Lana what he holds in his hand: "It's Adderall, Klonopin, Vicodin." (0:45)

Stephen tells Lana, "Choke me." (0:47)

Stephen dumps white powder into a drink then drinks it. Quick close ups of cooking heroin in a spoon. Quick close up of drawing the drug into a syringe. (0:51)

Stephen snorts a drug. (0:52)

By telephone his friend Josh tells Stephen, "... I tried to save you a seat, but these people are crazy." (0:53)

Stephen tells Roger, "My dad and Hans are... delusional." (0:55)

Stephen reads an incident report: "... heavily drugged. Threatening suicide... self-harm... multiple lacerations... patient is an addict..." (1:01)

Neil tells Stephen referring to Stephen's mother, "... and when she died, man I was so confused I couldn't stop screamin'."
"I wanted to... make amends to my son."
Stephen: "Amends"
"What amends are you making?" (1:03)

Stephen watches a video of Neil: "The second time I did it to stop you from killin' yourself... You said, I guess I'll just commit suicide... You were trying to cut your wrists open... Maybe there just isn't a way to make amends for something like this..." (1:09)

Hans tells Stephen, "Validation is a hell of a drug." (1:12)

Stephen writes, "Why are we so quick to see memory as unreliable in other people...?" (1:14)