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The Connection

Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Céline Sallette, Melanie Doutey, Benoît Magimel, Guillaume Gouix
cocaine | heroin | morphine | Drug Enforcement Administration
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Television reporter: "The killings are probably drug-related."
Report #2: ”The French Connection made Marseille the world's heroin capital and is now glutting New York.”
President Richard Nixon: ”America's Public Enemy Number One in the United States is drug abuse.”
Man on television: ”Drugs are now available to kids...”
Lily tells juvenile magistrate Pierre Michel, ”I want my dope.”
Michel: ”You shoot up.”
Lily: ”Send me to rehab.”
Michel: ”You don't want to quit?”
”Who's pushing?”
Deputy Mayor Deferre: "The drug plague spreads death and violence."
Lily: ”My dope.”
Michel: ”Who's pushing?”
He gives her a drug which she swallows. (0:02)

Judge: ”Pierre, there you really can fight drugs and help those kids.” (0:05)

A man answers the phone: "Drug Squad." (0:07)

Lucien Aimé-Blanc introduces Michel to "Inspector Cusack, from the DEA."
Cusak tells Michel, ”Heroin is destroying us.”
Aimé-Blanc: ”The morphine-based comes from Turkey, by the ton.”
Drug preparation and packaging
”The dope gets stronger... Their smack is deadly as hell... We know who runs the organization, the drug kingpin...” (0:08)

Kingpin Gaëtan "Tany" Zampa: "Minassian, find the mule." (0:12)

Marco tells Zampa, "In three weeks your ton of morphine base will be 100 kilos of smack."
Zampa shakes white powder from a packet, then creates a line with a razor blade. Cocaine?
Referring to a boy forced to drink Grappa: ”Inevitably, after a while, he falls into a coma.”
”He forces Marco to snort all the cocaine.” (0:14)

Michel tells Lily, "I knew an addict."
Lily: ”Heroin?”
Michel: ”He was into gambling, real... drug.” (0:19)

Drug lab (0:26, 0:29)

Chemist Charles Peretti asks Aimé-Blanc, "Morphine base, here?" (0:27)

Thug: "Idiot." (0:32)

Lilly’s mother tells Michel, "An overdose. Her funeral was last week... She was on the wagon." (0:34)

Cooking heroin in a spoon.
A junky injects and nods. (0:36)

American drug kingpin: "The advantage here is everyone's a user."
Zampa: ”So you need more dope?”
”When you cut my smack, you get a lot richer... let's keep on using my dope.”
”Don't worry about it.”
American: ”I never worry.” (0:38)

Aimé-Blanc tells Michel, "Two-bit dealers..." (0:40)

Television reporter: "A gangster known as Gypsy was caught by the drug squad." (0:40)

Reporter: "In Marseilles, two men caught with two kilos of heroin." (0:41)

One of his thugs tells Zampa, referring to Michel, "... he’s obsessed with you." (0:44)

His wife Jacqueline asks Michel, "Not worried?" (0:46)

His thug reads to Zampa from a newspaper, referring to Michel: "The same magistrate donated five thousand to Marseille’s biggest rehab clinic." (0:50)

A man reads from a newspaper: "The magistrate confirmed he will keep fighting incessantly against heroin traffic and declared his desire to imprison Gaëtan Zampa, implicated in the fabrication of the rampant drug." (0:50)

A restaurant owner tells Zampa who came for the money: "Crazy Horse."
Zampa: ”Idiot.” (0:53)

Michel tells commissioner Bianchi, "Crazy Horse case." (0:56)

Zampa’s bodyguard visits a grave in a cemetery. (1:05)

Zampa tells another gangster, "Find Crazy Horse." (1:06)

Michel tells the judge, "Wiretap Zampa and Crazy Horse." (1:11)

Another detective tells Michel, "Then Crazy Horse showed up." (1:14)

The judge tells Michel, "I'll get three years for Crazy Horse." (1:16)

Michel tells his wife, "You're crazy."
”You're obsessed.”
Michel: ”Look what's happening in the streets: drugs, junkies.” (1:17)

Michel asks police detective José Alvarez, "Drug squad?"
Alvarez: “Zampa knew he was the target, not Crazy Horse.”
Referring to crooked policemen: ”They deal drugs with the French.” (1:20)

Michel rages. (1:26)

Zampa: "What's that mule doing?" (1:32)

Cusack tells Michel, "We got the mule." (1:34)

Michel tells Deferre, now Interior Minister of France, "The DEA gave me a lead." (1:36)

Zampa tells his thug, "Without dope we lose it all." (1:39)

Alvarez tells Michel that the people they wiretap talk about "Their kids, soccer, pesto, never Minassian or drugs." (1:40)

Cusack tells Michel, "Welcome to the DEA."
DEA agent: ”So the DEA Offices here are basically split up...” (1:40)

Zampa tells a gangster, "Test the dope." (1:49)

Corrupt policeman Ange tells Zampa, referring to Michel, "He's a Mad Dog." (1:56)

Grief overcomes Jacqueline when she sees Michel’s lifeless body. (2:02)

Memorial for Michel (2:09)