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The Enchanted Cottage (2016)

Sarah Navratil, Paul Masterson, Tarika Brandt, Richard Hatch, John McCool Bowers
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Mrs. Minnett tells her husband Tom, "I have maternal instincts."
Tom dies in Laura’s arms. (0:00)

Mrs. Minnett tells nurse Laura, "Don't worry."
”Every man I meet is either crazy, looking to get laid or not interested in me.” (0:06)

Wounded veteran Oliver awakens from a flashback dream of combat. (0:21)

Laura tells Oliver, "... You're going to need some physical therapy and maybe some help to get past the trauma of what you've experienced."
”... your family has to be worried.” (0:22)

Oliver places the muzzle of his pistol in his mouth as though prepared to kill himself. (0:24)

His father tells Oliver, "You had me worried to death."
Oliver: ”I'm not in the mood for it.”
Father: ”It's not going to do you any good staying here feeling sorry for yourself.” (0:26)

Laura tells Oliver, "Okay, well my parents died a few years ago."
”You're a patient... I wouldn't want to act like an idiot in front of someone...” (0:28)

Oliver tells major Hillgrove, "I keep hearing sounds of the war. I can't sleep. I have a recurring nightmare..." (0:31)

Oliver tells Laura, “You know, I think I preferred it when you drove me, Hoke."
Laura: ”Ah, well, I’m so sorry, Miss Daisy, but you’re gonna have to find your way to the Piggly Wiggly all on your own from now on.” (0:35)

Oliver startles.
Oliver describes combat trauma experiences to Laura. (0:45)

Laura tells Oliver, "I guess it was just the shock of hearing it put so bluntly." (0:52)

Oliver's father tells Laura, "I don't mean to spoil the illusion..." (0:55)

Laura tells Oliver, "I feel like such an idiot."
Oliver: ”I've come up with every rationalization to justify my marrying you... I was being selfish.”
”I know how selfish I've been lately.” (1:01)

Major Hillgrove tells Laura, "Your phone call had me worried."
Oliver tells Hillgrove, ”Well, I know what I'm about to say sounds crazy...” (1:10)

Oliver tells Laura, “Goodnight Jack and Rose.”
Laura: “Don’t let go, Jack. Don’t ever let go. You’re so cold.” (1:04)