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The Love Guru

Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Ben Kingsley, Meagan Good, Verne Troyer, Jessica Simpson, Romany Malco, Omid Djalili, Telma Hopkins, Kanye West, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Colbert
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Blog entry

Sports commentator Jay: "... I'd like to start by thanking... the fans who supported me... during my recent addiction to peyote button and Frangelico." (0:01)

Guru Pitka asks hockey team owner Jane, "Have you read my book on the grieving process?" (0:20)

Poster: The Dragon Hockey player Jacques tells Pitka, "The Wolverine." (0:27)

Hockey player Darren tells Pitka, "You're an idiot." (0:29)

Pitka tells Darren, "We must... regress you back to your childhood..." (0:30)

Coach Punch tells Rob: "What a freaking idiot." (0:34)

Pitka: "Coach Cherkov... I know you have a meeting with the Lollipop Guild." (0:40)

Darren tells Pitka, referring to Darren's mother, "She freaks me out." (0:40)

Darren tells Pitka, "This ain't Driving Miss Daisy, man..." (0:41)

Pitka tells Darren, "You're like prison bitch jumpy"
"Okay, there are two ways to regress you." (0:43)

Pitka tells Darren, "I'm regressing you."
"You have been regressed."
"It was at this point that I realized my student was finally shedding his defenses." (0:44)

Commentator, referring to spectators: "They are guru crazy." (1:00)

Dick tells Jane, "Now if any of your other players have any professional catastrophe, personal pain, or a drug addiction, please do not hesitate to call." (1:02)

Commentator Trent tells Jay, "You're back on drugs, aren't you?" (1:04)

Trent: "Roanoke is freaking out." (1:05)

Punch smokes a hookah. (1:20)