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The Sum of All Fears

Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, James Cromwell, Ken Jenkins, Liev Schreiber, Bruce McGill, John Beasley, Philip Baker Hall, Alan Bates, Ron Rifkin, Bridget Moynahan, Ciarán Hinds, Richard Marner
Adolf Hitler | marijuana | morphine
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CIA analyst Rudy tells analyst Jack, referring to Russian President Zorkin, “He’s also off the wagon.” (0:09)

Dr. Cathy Muller tells Jack, “I can read the symptoms.” (0:14)

U.S. President Fowler tells his audience, “I did on a handful of occasions smoke marijuana.” (0:37)

Herr Haft asks Mr. Monceau, “Are you crazy?” (0:43)

Mrs. Spassky tells Clark, referring to her atomic scientist son, “Just because the imbeciles here pay him nothing doesn’t mean others won’t.”
"For imbeciles with money.” (0:48)

One atomic scientist tells another, “You’re crazy.” (0:51)

Clark tells Ryan, “Give me a... box of tranquilizer darts.” (0:54)

Billionaire neo-Nazi Dressler: “... the followers of Hitler abound and thrive. Hitler, however, had one great disadvantage... Let no man call us crazy. They called Hitler crazy, but Hitler wasn’t crazy.” (1:02)

Communication from Nemerov to the U.S.: “What madman would do such a thing, and for what purpose?” (1:21)

A Russian officer tells Nemerov, “They have to understand that attacking Russia would be suicide.” (1:21)

Nemerov: “Fowler is not so insane as to launch a first strike.”
Officer: “They’d be crazy to attack then.” (1:32)

Muller orders “A 9% IV and morphine drip.” (1:33)

An officer tells Nemerov, “This is madness.” (1:48)

Reference in Valley of Love