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The Surrogate (2013)

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Cameron Mathison, Annie Wersching, Amy Scott, Matthew Alan, Eve Mauro, Diane Baker, Andy Gala, Kelli Kirkland, Brian Ames, Nicole Cannon
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Novelist Jacob tells office worker Kate, “Truthfully, I’ve sort of been blocked for a while lately (0:05)

Kate drops an unidentified pill in surrogate mother Remy’s drink. (0:14)

Remy tells Kate, “This is nuts.”
"Are you crazy?" (0:16)

Kate, watching a video: "I love you Jacob Kelly."
Does this qualify as de Clerambault's syndrome? (0:19)

Jacob asks surrogate service representative, Louise, referring to Remy's death: "Was it suicide?"
"Preliminary toxicology found ecstasy in her system."
Jacob: "Ecstasy?... Your girls are supposed to be completely sober."
Louise: "I can assure you that we did... drug testing, everything." (0:19)

By video conference Remy's boyfriend Matt tells Remy's friend Nancy, "The police said that she took ecstasy." (0:21)

Kate asks Jacob, "So, did you find a cure for your writer's block?" (0:27)

Jacob tells his realtor wife Allison, referring to Kate, "She is out of her mind."
Allison: "Don't treat me like an idiot." (0:40)

By telephone Allison asks Jacob, "Have you lost your mind?"
Jacob: "Not only is this woman insane..." (0:50)

Kate's father's former secretary tells Jacob, referring to Kate, "She made her father so angry he quit communicating with her entirely." (0:55)

Allison asks Kate, "You would actually kill yourself and my child?" (1:01)

Kate tells Jacoob, referring to her father, "He freaks out." (1:11)

Kate knocks Jacob out with a skillet to the head. (1:19)