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The Lady Vanishes

Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas
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Vacationer Iris suffers a head injury from falling window box. She later loses consciousness and after regaining consciousness manifests ataxic gate. (0:26)

Iris' fellow passengers deny having seen her friend Ms. Froy. (0:33)

"Brain specialist" Dr. Hartz tells Iris and musician Gilbert, "Even a simple concussion may have curious effects upon an imaginative person."
"If one had time one could trace the cause of the hallucination."
Gilbert: "Hallucination?"
Hartz: "... a character in a novel subconsciously remembered." (0:40)

Hartz tells Iris and Gilbert, "In your subconscious mind you substituted for the face of Madam Kummer that of Ms. Froy." (0:47)

Gilbert tells Iris, referring to his father, "He was strongly addicted to..." (0:50)

Iris swoons after stopping the train. (0:52)

Gilbert tells Hartz, "I'm about as popular as a dose of strychnine." (0:53)

Hartz tells Iris and Gilbert, "The drinks you had just now, l regret to say, contained a quantity of Hydrocin. For your benefit Hydrocin is a very little known drug which has the effect of paralysing the brain and rendering the victim unconscious for a considerable period. ln a larger quantity of course, it induces madness. However you have my word the dose was a normal one. (1:10)

The nun tells Iris and Gilbert, "You haven't been drugged." (1:13)

Reference in When Harry Met Sally