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A Coffee in Berlin

Tom Schilling, Friederike Kempter, Marc Hosemann, Arnd Klawitter, Justus von Dohnanyi, Michael Gwisdek, Ulrich Noethen, Martin Brambach, RP Kahl
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The psychologist reads: “Niko Fischer repeatedly tested positive for alcohol during routine traffic stops.”
”Are you nervous?”
Niko: “Medical Psychological Assessment.”
”An idiot’s test?”
Psychologist: “Right, and idiot’s test.”
”And who do you think is the idiot here: you or me?“
Niko: “Because I was an idiot.”
Psychologist: “So last time they pulled you over with a 0.07%.”
”Are you gay. Do you have an inferiority complex because you’re so short? Mr. Fischer, are you an alcoholic because you’re so teeny weeny?”
Niko: ”I’m not an alcoholic.”
Psychologist: “So drinking automatically means alcohol to you, right?”
”I’m a psychologist, not a verbal acrobat.”
”You appear emotionally unstable, and your current situation suggests a possible relapse.” (0:05)

Neighbor Karl: “I’m crazy about football.” (0:15)

Niko tells Julika, “Crazy!”
Julika: “Insane!”
”You cry all night long, you harm yourself. Once I even tried to kill myself.” (0:21)

Actor Phillip tells Niko and taxi driver Matze, “It’s total catharsis...” (0:28)

Phillip tells Niko, “People went nuts...” (0:29)

Art director Ralf tells Matze, “Or some other government funded mental institution.” (0:57)

Art performer Julika asks street punk Ronny, “You were born an alcoholic because you mom couldn’t stay off the booze during her pregnancy.” (1:01)

Julika tells Niko, ”Get out fast, or I’ll get hysterical.” (1:06)

A nurse tells Niko that Friedrich, the man who told him his story in the bar, has died. (1:19)