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A Foreign Field

Alec Guinness, Leo McKern, Edward Herrmann, John Randolph, Geraldine Chaplin, Lauren Bacall, Dorothy Grumbar, Jeanne Moreau, Michelle Gheleyns-Hue, Cateline Alteirac
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Veteran Cyril tells veteran Amos, “They don’t like stopping boats to pick up wet retarded people.” (0:01)

Veteran Waldo's daughter Beverly tells her husband Ralph, “You've gotten Daddy in a mood again.” (0:03)

Does Amos suffer from mutism

Cyril: “If they were it was to avoid being shot at by nervous Yanks.” (0:07)

Waldo tells Beverly and Ralph, “One hundred and twenty bucks a night and it turns out to be the funny farm.” (0:10)

Amos speaks: “Angel.” (0:12)

Cyril asks Waldo, “What was it, combat fatigue?” (0:17)

Cyril tells Amos, “Though I wish you’d found one in a better mood.” (0:27)

Beverly: “My father’s gone senile.” (0:34)

Cyril tells Waldo, referring to Lisa, “I’m already lumbered with one lady drunk.” (0:38)

Cyril poses questions about combat casualties to Lisa: “Why him and not me? How can you not feel guilty?” (0:47)

Angelique tells the others, “Made the drunks cry.”
”Made the drunks generous.”
Waldo asks Ralph, “What was that song your mother was crazy about?” (0:55)

Angelique tells Lisa, referring to the people at the retirement home, “But I drive them crazy.” (1:02)

Cyril tells the others referring to the mortar round that injured Amos, “Amos tried to stop one with his head.”
Waldo: ”Crazy son of a...” (1:12)

Waldo visits the grave of his friend Leo in a cemetery. (1:15)

Lisa tells Amos, “I would like you to come with me to see my brother’s grave.” (1:19)

Lisa takes the others to the grave of her brother in a cemetery. (1:21)

The grave of Briggs, soldier friend of Amos and Cyril. (1:27)