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A Summer's Tale

Melvil Poupaud, Amanda Langlet, Gwenaelle Simon, Aurelia Nolin, Alain Guellaff, Evelyne Lahana
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Engineer/musician Gaspard tells ethnologist/waitress Margot, “You’re mad.” (0:31)

Margot tells Gaspard, “And not madly in love.”
Gaspard: “You must take me for an idiot then.”
”Is that crazy?”
Margot: “At the start I wasn’t mad about my first guy.” (0:33)

Margot tells Gaspard, “Intuition. Female intuition, or otherwise.”
Gaspard, referring to his friend Lena, “Just to confuse her I pretend to be upset over something trivial.” (0:41)

Solene tells Gaspard, referring to her friends, “Not in the mood for them today.” (0:45)

Margot asks Gaspard, “You’re ecstatic?” (1:06)

Margot tells Gaspard, “As long as it’s in small doses.” (1:11)

Margot tells Gaspard, “You were delirious.”Gaspard asks Margot, “Are you mad?” (1:33)

Lena tells Gaspard, “I was in a bad mood.” (1:45)

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