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About a Boy

Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Sharon Small, Madison Cook, Toni Collette
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Based on the Nick Hornby book of the same name (About a Boy) this is one of the rare films that associate suicide with a psychiatric symptom or disorder, in this case depression. See if you can collect enough information to form a basis for a working diagnosis.

Marcus' mother Fiona cries while preparing food in the kitchen as Marcus sits nearby. (0:11)

Returning from the park, Marcus, his friend Will, and Fiona's friend Suzie find Fiona unconscious on a sofa. (0:24)

After she has returned home Fiona says she forgot the letter she left for Marcus. He challenges her, "You forgot a suicide letter?" (0:28)

Talking to Will, Marcus recalls finding Fiona after she tried to kill herself. (0:42)

Marcus, coming home, finds Fiona crying again. (1:14)

When Marcus asks a friend to accompany him in his performance at the school rock concert, she declines saying, "Its suicide. I mean they'll crucify you." (1:15)

Marcus tells Will that Fiona "sits in the house all day crying." (1:16)

Will barges into a support group for single parents. He tells Fiona, "Please don't try to commit suicide again." Fiona says, "I don't have plans to commit suicide... not at the moment." Will suggests they should talk about "this crying in the morning, this depression." (1:22)