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Acts of Worship

Ana Reeder, Michael Hyatt
crack cocaine | cocaine
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Alix's friend Mark calls Alix a "crackhead." (0:01)

Crack in a bottle, cooking.
Addict: "Hope this dope's better than it was yesterday." Alix prepares crack on a mirror, dividing it with a razor blade. She smokes. (0:02)
Alix smokes a crack pipe. (0:03)
Carl tells Alix, referring to his business, "I lost it behind all these drugs." (0:04)
Carl lights Alix's pipe. (0:05)
Brief shot of a man dumping a drug from a packet. (0:07)
An older man attacks Alix, demanding money: "Who the... do you think I am, one of your crackhead...?" (0:09)
A sidewalk bookseller tells Alix, referring to Mike, "He's selling twenties of coke." (0:12)
Dealer Mike tells Alix, "I've got some "twenty bags..." (0:13)
Dealing from steps. Alix buys unidentified drug. Addict Cuba tells Alix, "I gotta get straight." (0:14)
Photographer Digna asks her subject, "How old were you when you started getting high?" (0:15)
Alix smokes. Alix tells Mark, "I went boosting with Dan..." (0:19)
Alix buys drug and paraphernalia. Digna complains to her friend Anthony about "making pictures of these sick drug addicts..." (0:26)
Mark and Alix smoke pipes. Alix prepares a needle, injects her arm, passes out. Mark injects. (0:28)
An EMT checks Alix for orientation, then asks her, "Were you drinking or doing any drugs?" 
Alix: "Heroin..." 
"and cocaine, and that's it."
EMT: "She has the right to refuse treatment." (0:32)
Alix, withdrawing, dreams of needles and drugs. (0:37)
Alix asks Digna, "Do you ever think about it?" 
"getting high" 
"Then I started smoking crack, and I found heaven." (0:41)
At a comedy club Phillip tells his friends about using "tons of coke" 
"we snorted... when they said cocaine wasn't addictive." (0:45)
Anthony does a standup routine: "You can get anything you want... crack and heroin..." 
He quotes a line from the Grateful Dead song "Casey Jones": "Drivin' that train, high on cocaine." Alix's fantasy of a needle, smoking crack (0:46)
Digna's agent Cathy on the phone tells Digna, "Must be that heroin chic they're after..." (0:52)
A redhead prepares cocaine on a mirror. (0:52)
A crackhead smokes on the stairs. (0:53)
Alix watches a drug deal on the street from Digna's window. (0:56)
A woman tells Digna, "It's a good thing you were sober long enough for those track marks to fade." (0:58)
In a crack den, Alix smokes. She asks a man, "Where's a good spot for dope today?" (1:05)
Alix smokes. Anthony tells Digna, referring to Alix, "She's a crackhead." 
He asks Digna, "What is this obsession with Alix?" 
"Because I'm not an addict, like you?" (1:08)
Anthony watches a drug deal on the street. (1:09)
Alix tells Digna, "Give me your... drugs" 
Digna: "So I can imagine you nodding off?" (1:21)
Alix cooks in a spoon, injects her arm, nods. When she comes to she finds Digna unconscious, then realizes she has died. (1:24)
Alix: "Five years have passed since Digna died." 
"no matter what I drank, what drug I did" (1:29)