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Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Aileen Wuornos, Nick Broomfield
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Filmmaker Nick, referring to serial killer Aileen's first defense attorney: "Steve had been advised that Aileen was paranoid and suffered from borderline personality disorder..." (0:12)

Nick: "... but it turned out I was there to talk about Steve's marijuana smoking... whether Steve had consumed seven very strong joints before giving Aileen legal advice in prison." (0:14)

Joe: "It's an excerpt from the film that depicts this alleged six, seven joint ride."
Video in court: "Steve said it was a seven joint ride to the prison."
Steve smokes a joint while he drives.
Nick testifies in court: "I remember distinctly the seven joint ride..." (0:14)

Nick: "I had always believed that Aileen Wuornos had acted in self defense, and that Richard Mallory... had tortured and tormented Aileen, pushing her over the edge into an insanity which led to the other six murders." (0:28)

Nick: "There was talk of making an appeal on the grounds of Aileen's mental competence." (0:37)

Nick: "Aileen's father Leo... committed suicide in prison." (0:39)

Nick, referring to Aileen's friend: "This is a picture of Dennis, who used to be a cross-dresser." (0:42)

Nick: "This is a picture of... the local pedophile... later committed suicide."
Nick, referring to Aileen's neighbor Michelle: "They grew up as Vietnam was ending and drugs were everywhere."
Michelle: "She used to do a lot of drugs..."
"They were druggies also... used to... smoke pot..."
Nick: "Lots of different drugs."
Michelle: "LSD, mescaline, blotter acid..." (0:43)

Nick: "... but in her paranoia... lawyers are challenging her execution on the grounds of her mental competence, not that executing insane people seems to be a problem... Aileen's paranoid delusions have gotten much worse on death row... believes her mind is being controlled by radio waves... "
"... doesn't trust anyone." (0:53)

Aileen: "Since I waived off I've had nothing but psychological... problems..." (1:02)

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: "... we're going to ask three psychiatrists to analyze her..."
Nick: "... his psychiatrists examined Aileen for just fifteeen minutes..."
Television Reporter Lynn Gordon: "She has been found to be mentally competent." (1:11)

Aileen elaborates ideas about torture and surveillance, including "sonic pressure."
"They were trying to make it look like I was crazy at all times... make it look like I was totally crazy..." (1:14)

Nick: "It was really pretty incredible that Aileen had just sailed through the psychiatric tests the day before." (1:22)

Nick: "We're executing a person who's mad." (1:25)