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Matthew Leitch, Diana Quick, George Asprey, Lindsey Coulson, Blake Ritson, Peter Youngblood Hills, Geoff Bell, Camille Sturton, Daniel Lee, Bill Nighy, David Kendall, Fenella Woolgar, Sean Gilder, Robin Soans, Stephen Boxer, Neil Maskell, Reginald S. Bundy, Kathryn Pogson, Sue Douglas, Martin Wimbush
cocaine | heroin | Margaret Thatcher
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His father Brian calls Dean “... idiot.” (0:06) 

Lady Francine Gryffoyn dumps cocaine on a mirror, prepares lines, and snorts it through a straw. (0:22)

Francine’s son Alexander describes his girlfriend Camille to Dean: “... she’s an idiot... What a moron.” (0:29)

Alexander tells Francine, referring to Dean, “The man’s retarded.”
She tells Camille, “Shut up, you idiotic little cow.” (0:30)

Gallery owner Dermot tells Dean, referring to David, “Does cocaine in the bathroom.” (0:49)

Benjamin prepares lines of cocaine on a glass table top. He tells Dean, “You refuse my line of cocaine.”
Benjamin snorts lines. (0:52)

David watches Margaret Thatcher on television. (0:55)

Partiers snort lines of cocaine. (0:59)

Ben asks Dean, “Do you think David’s got any coke left? (1:04)

Ben and David wander through cemetery. (1:05)

Ben snorts cocaine. David: “I think I’m gonna get... drunk.” (1:07)

Dean snorts cocaine. (1:09, 1:31)

Ben tells Dean, “You’d be deluding yourself if you think for one second that I’m going back...” (1:35)

His colleague tells investigator Tim, “You’re a... idiot.” (1:37)

Dean: “Heroin.” (1:44)