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Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets

Mounim Kbab, Mustapha Hansali, Hicham Moussoune, Saïd Taghmaoui, Abdelhak Zhayra
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Street urchin Omar asks his friend Kwita, “What? You crazy?”
Kwita, referring to his friend Ali Zaoua: “You crazy?... I'll bury him... The whole world will cry!” (0:14)

Cemetery, stones inscribed in arabic. (0:16)

A neighbor on the dock yells at Rosa: “Don’t hang out with glue sniffers.” (0:22)

Ali’s prostitute mother’s client calls Omar “You dirty glue sniffer.” (0:29)

Ali’s mother tells Omar, referring to Ali, “He’s a glue sniffer.”

“Omar, do you sniff that... ?”
Omar: "No. He never sniffed." (0:31)

Neighbors at the dock: “Shut up you sniffers.” (0:35)

Omar and Street urchin Boubker huff. (0:45) 

Omar tells Mrs. Zaoua, “Ali’s dead.” (1:01)

Street urchin Khalid tells Boubker, “You’re crazy.” They find Omar intoxicated. (1:04)

Kwita huffs. (1:08)

Captain Hamid tells the boys, “I’m crazy to listen to kids.” (1:16)

Boubker tells his friends Kwita and Omar, “I’m going to drown myself.”
“So you won’t forget me.” (1:18)

Omar tells Kita and Boubker, referring to Ali, “He dives... and swims like crazy.” (1:21)

Cigarette seller Nuredin tells Kwita and Omar, referring to Mrs. Zaoua, “She’s nuts.” (1:25)

Mrs. Zaoua sees her son’s body lying in a casket. The boys sing. (1:29)