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Alphabet City

Vincent Spano, Michael Winslow, Kate Vernon, Jami Gertz
cocaine | heroin
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Dealer Lippy tells gangster Johnny: "I'm just a no good... junkie man." (0:10)

Addict Juani asks Johnny: "Got any good dope?" (0:23)

Shooting gallery, syringes on a table. (0:27)

A bouncer asks a junkie, "What for?"
Junkie: "Junk"
Bouncer: "Let me see the tracks." (0:29)

Johnny tells Lippy, "You're so high all the time you couldn't be scared if your life depended on it." (0:33)

Johnny: "Lippy, you gotta kick... I ain't gonna stand by and watch you kill yourself." (0:34)

Lippy tells Johnny, "Don't tell me nothin' about junk." (0:35)

A bouncer tells Johnny about "Some junkie. She OD'd in the bathroom." (0:58)

Moll Karen in gangster Tony's office divides cocaine on mirror, rolls a bill. (0:59)