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Altered Minds

Joseph Lyle Taylor, Ryan O'Nan, C.S. Lee
diazepam | Valium | ethyl alcohol | morphine
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A syringe falls to the floor. (0:00)

Tommy tells a neighbor, referring to his father Nathaniel, "He was nuts about that dog."(0:05)

Tommy's brother Harry asks their mother "Do you remember that performance anxiety I got rid or a few years ago?" (0:10)

Tommy and Harry's brother, Leonard reads his father's proposed obituary: "Noted psychiatrist, Dr. Nathaniel Shellner, passed away from lung cancer. Dr. Shellner is best known for creating the post-traumatic crisis center for American soldiers... suffering from PTSD."
"He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1972 for developing a branch of psychiatry which was used to address shell shock in war veterans... director of research at the joint U.S. military psychiatric testing and evaluation center..."
"Biological son Leonard Shellner now heads the posttraumatic crisis center..."
Nathaniel: "There's nothing like hearing your own obituary to put you in the mood for Charlie Chaplin."
Leonard asks Tommy, "You tell Dad you quit therapy?"
Leonard: "When your psychiatrist is in my practice..."
Tommy: "Therapy is for rough patches..." (0:11)

His sister Julie tells Tommy, "It's about your obsessions." (0:15)

Leonard: "Dad, ice cream has never caused PTSD." (0:16)

Nathaniel reads the preface of Tommy's book: "At four years old he slit his wrists..."
"His botched suicide was his first lesson in irony, for if he had never tried and failed to take his life... He was an American psychiatrist working with the Peace Corps... and Russian children were obsessed with blue jeans."
Tommy continues from memory: "They split his personality into different alters... that would do things that this boy would never do in his true pure state. As they manifested each alter they needed to test their separate consciousness... the boy was not himself, but an alter... This man goes to a hypnotherapist to dig deeper into his head, to find out what's really happening. That's when the alters come out."
Tommy faints. (0:19)

Leonard tells Tommy, "Alcohol, imagination, and too much time on your hands. That's what this is."
Tommy: "... it wasn't from hypnotizing apes."
Nathaniel: "Tommy, back in '74 I had a patient who had served in Vietnam, traumatized beyond anything I'd ever seen... tortured for 6 months until they broke him into different personalities... When the incident at My Lai was brought up, he had no memory of it at all... This is called dissociative amnesia, Tommy... so imaginative the psyche..." (0:24)

Nathaniel's wife Lillian tells Julie, "Cleaning is how I retain my sanity."
Nathaniel tells Julie, "Some of the best advice I ever got was not from a psychiatrist." (0:28)

Phrenology bust. Nathaniel tells Tommy, "You're regressing to the state before I adopted you. You had lost your parents." (0:31)

As the family watches The Gold Rush Tommy experiences flashbacks. He tells the others, "You see the guiding hand of a madman... It's a cryptic psychiatric agenda."
Leonard; "This is a Valium." (0:33)

Tommy cuts his scalp with a razor. (0:39)

Nathaniel: "Harry, the last time you had those tremors you were in therapy."
Harry: "My sleep. I don't anymore." (0:40)

Leonard tells Nathaniel, "If he wasn't your son, you'd already have him committed." (0:43)

Julie tells the others, "This is freaking me out." (0:45)

Leonard tells his parents, "What I think Mom is trying to say is that maybe I raped, molested and tortured Tommy and the others." (0:50)

In front of Tommy, Harry shoots himself in the head with a pistol. (0:54)

Tommy tells the others, referring to Harry, "He tried to shoot himself..." (0:54)

Nathaniel: "... I was appointed director of research at the joint U.S. military psychiatric testing and evaluation center... I was a lead psychiatrist in my field... I realized that the patients were not what I was told... men who were so traumatized by war... "
Leonard: "This is the morphine."
"This is... not some mad scientist." (1:00)

Tommy tells Nathaniel, "There is enough morphine in this syringe to kill five people. Oh, you think I want to inject you with this..."
Tommy holds the point of the needle against his neck. He tells his brother, "You have a concussion, Harry."
Nathaniel: "Back in '74, I had a patient who served in Vietnam."
Tommy drops the syringe. (1:08)

Nathaniel's former patient Joseph tells young Harry, referring to Nathaniel, "I couldn't sleep the last 5 years... He hypnotized me... knew one was split from the self and ready to be an alter."
He tells Tommy, "See your dad gave me a transorbital lobotomy." (1:16)