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American Buffalo

Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz, Sean Nelson
Spoiler alert
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Teach tells store owner Don, “And I say anybody doesn’t’s out of their mind.” (0:09)

Don tells Teach, referring to Bobby, “The... kid is clean.” (0:24)

Don asks Teach, “You trying to kill yourself?”
Teach: ”You gotta trust your instincts, right or wrong.” (0:38)

Teach tells Bobby, “You’re outta your... mind.” (0:46)

Teach tells Don, “I’m not crazed about you’re coming out...”
”All the preparation in the world does not mean shit in the path of some crazed lunatic sees you as a invasion of his personal domain. Guys go nuts, Don.” (0: 59)

Don: “This makes me nuts, Bobby.” (1:07)

Teach hits Bobby on the head with a telephone. (1:10)

Teach tells Don, “You seek your friends with junkies.”
Teach: “This kid is hysterical.” (1:15)