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Analyze This

Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow
Sigmund Freud | alprazolam | Xanax | fluoxetine | Prozac | marijuana
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In a psychotherapy session a tearful patient tells psychiatrist Ben, "He did take out a restraining order..." A fantasy of what he wanted to say, but did not, distracts Ben. (0:05)

Ben tells his son Michael, "Please don't analyze me. I can't be analyzed by somebody who..." (0:08)

Gangster bodyguard Jelly asks Ben, "You a doctor?"
Ben: "A psychiatrist."
Jelly: "Oh, a shrink. I talked to a shrink one time." (0:10)

At a party, Ben's father Isaac interjects, while singing and playing the piano, "Neurotics only." then sings, "Thank God for Prozac." (0:11)

Mob boss Paul has a panic attack. (0:13)

Emergency room doctor tells Paul, "You had an anxiety attack... panic attack. Don't worry. I can give you some Xanax." (0:14)

Paul: "I need... a psychiatrist."
Jelly: "What do you need a shrink for anyway?"
Paul: "Talking to a shrink could be taken the wrong way." (0:15)

Paul interrupts Ben's psychotherapy session with a male patient. (0:16)

Paul tells Ben, "This friend... see a shrink."
Ben: "Tell me why you think you need therapy."
Paul: "I don't need therapy.."
Paul describes panic attack.
Ben: "Panic attacks... medication could help... some form of therapy... " (0:18)

Paul tells Ben, "I couldn't get it up last night." (0:28)

Ben tells Paul, "When I got into family therapy this wasn't the kind of family I had in mind. (0:30)

Been asks Paul, "Have you been under a lot of stress lately?" He continues, "Stress is a very powerful force."
Paul: "You are my shrink." (0:31)

Paul tells Ben, "I didn't have an actual panic attack but I started panicking thinking I might get an attack."
Ben: "What were you thinking about when you started to get anxious?"
They continue discussing the death of Paul's father. (0:37)

Ben tells Paul, "There may have been some unresolved Oedipal conflict."
Ben: "It's Freud."
Paul: "Then Freud's a sick f***r, and you are too." (0:39)

Paul tells Ben,"Hey, people get depressed..."
Ben: "So now you're going to tell me it was a suicide?"  (0:45)

Ben tells Laura, referring to who will be at their wedding, "any of your family members who are done with their crisis counseling." (0:50)

FBI agents introduce themselve as from "OCD."
Ben: "Obsessive compulsive disorder?" (0:51)

Ben tells FBI agents, "I'm a psychotherapist." He explains the fountain is a "gift to celebrate the completion of therapy." (0:52)

A gangster tells Paul, "The word is out that you're talking to a shrink..."
Gangster: "If you're looking to establish an insanity plea for later on, that's okay... Get rid of the shrink." (0:53)

Ben tells Paul why gifts can be a problem: "It's a boundary issue." (0:56)

At a funeral service Paul tells Ben, "You may need therapy yourself." (0:57)

Ben tells Paul, "Freud believed..."
Paul: "Hey. F**k Freud."
Ben tells Paul about his father, "He's a psychiatrist." (0:58)

Paul asks Ben, "Don't you want to analyze me no more?" (1:00)

Ben listens to FBI recording: "Get rid of the shrink."
Paul and Ben discuss Paul's father's death. (1:01)

Ben tells Paul, "This is what we call a transference neurosis..." (1:07)

Paul and Ben discuss Paul's father's death.
Ben: "You blame yourself."
Paul: "I let him die."
Paul: "I was real conflicted about it." (1:11)

Ben conducts a psychotherapy session with a man and woman. He tells Elaine, "Smoke some joints." (1:16)

Paul cries while watching a television commercial portraying a father and son. (1:18)

Ben assures Jelly, "I'm a psychiatrist. Believe me, I can be vague." (1:22)

Ben tells Paul, "We say you have a corrective emotional experience." (1:37)

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