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Ingrid Bergman, Yul Brynner, Helen Hayes
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A diner tells restaurateur General Bounine, "I'm just mad for your place." (0:05)

Bounine: "It is Anna Koreff, or at least, so you were called in the asylum at St. Cloud."
Anna: ”In an asylum, a nun might be mad.”
Bounine: ”Then you do admit that you were in that asylum, don't you?” (0:06)

Anna appears to prepare to jump into the river. (0:10)

Banker Boris Adreivich Chernov tells Piotr Ivanovich Petrovin, "Your eyes lit up like those of a mad monk when you heard our tsar’s daughter might be alive."
Chernov: ”The woman Stepan saw in the asylum at St. Cloud.”
Bounine: ”Of course that may be simply the result of amnesia.”
”And do you have faith in the memories of uncles, aunts, cousins?”
Bounine asks Anna, ”Are you mad?”
Chernov, referring to Anna, ”Too crazy...”
Bounine”Then you were in that asylum St Cloud...”
Anna: ”A madhouse.”
”... another river, and another madhouse.”
Bounine: ”Discrepancies in her memory can be attributed to the head wound.”
Chernov: ”And you want to risk it on a mad woman.”
Anna: ”I must still be in the asylum... It's you are mad.”
Chernov: ”Mad as a hatter. Now she really thinks she is Anastasia.”
Bounine: ”To the river or the madhouse?”
Anna: ”And then when memory failed...” (0:10)

Anna recites: "One fainted, shielded by the body of her sister."
”Besides, it all helps to bring my memory back.” (0:26)

Chernov tells Petrovin, "I'm nervous." (0:38)

His excellency Ivan Wassielevich tells Anna, "For the purpose of acting is not only to imitate reality, but to create the illusion." (0:43)

Chernov asks Bounine, "Remember Baroness Von Livenbaum, that crazy lady in waiting to the empress?" (0:51)

Baroness Von Livenbaum tells Bounine, "Ah, this is madness without the moon." (0:52)

Baroness Von Livenbaum tells Bounine, referring to Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, "Her Majesty is madly particular."
The Empress tells Bounine, ”Unfortunately, there are not years remaining for me to see every madwoman with a royal obsession.”
The Empress tells Livenbau, referring to Bounine, ”Madly attractive.” (0:58)

Anna tells Prince Paul von Haraldberg, "I'll have a fantastically enormous hangover, and your friend Bounine will be furious." (1:04)

Anna tells the Empress, "It wasn't enough to have suffered the asylum..."
Empress: ”Years of lost memory in an asylum...”
Anna: ”I was starving after I ran from the last asylum.” (1:18)

Chernov tells Petrovin, "I'm nervous again" (1:25)

Chernov: "I am confused, confused." (1:25)

Bounine tells the press, referring to Anna, "Also, she has suffered amnesia." (1:28)

Bounine tells Anna, "You've always had an obsession that people want you to do only what they tell you." (1:30)

Chernov tells Livenbaum, "Just to refresh your memory as to what we discussed this morning." (1:43)