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Up and Down

Petr Forman, Emília Vásáryová, Jan Tríska, Jirí Machácek
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Immigrant smuggler Lada tells the others in the pawnshop, "Those junkies are nothing but trouble." (0:11)

Security guard Franta tells his wife Mila, "The Colonel... gets me drunk." (0:19)

Professor Oto tells his family "I taught civics to Lenin." Has his brain tumor left him delusional with inappropriate affect? (0:46)

Oto's wife Vera asks Oto's lover Hanka for a contribution to help her, "Something for sleeping pills." (0:52)

Vera describes her unhappy situation: "That's what I call masochism." (0:54)

Vera describes her refusal to divorce Oto as "a senile whim." (0:57)

Hanka finds Oto confused and disoriented. (1:16)

Mila tells police the baby's real mother will provide "sleeping pills so they can beg at the train station." (1:36)