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Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Storm Acheche Sahlstrøm
Sigmund Freud | epinephrine | Adrenalin | Lars von Trier
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At the funeral for her baby son Nic She swoons. (0:06)

Nic's father He (a psychotherapist) tells Nic's grieving mother, referring to her physician, "I think he gives you too much medication..."
"There is nothing atypical about your grief." (0:07)

He: "Grief, it's not a disease."
She: "Wayne knows you're a therapist."
He: "No therapist can know as much about you as I do." (0:10)

She dumps her medication in a toilet then tells her husband, "I want to die too."
"I bet you have a lot of clever therapist replies to that..." (0:13)

He: "You're still mourning."
She: "Anxiety?"
He: "Just as your grief wasn't dangerous."
He: "The main part of anxiety is physical."
"Never screw your therapist." (0:19)

She suffers a panic attack. (0:22)

He hypnotizes She to desensitize her fear of the woods. (0:28)

Reluctant to cross a bridge at first She then runs across it. (0:39)

She "I miss him so much." (0:47)

She hears Nic crying then seems to find him. (0:48)

He: "... your Adrenalin would be used for fight or flight, but what you're experiencing was panic, nothing more." (0:50)

She: "May sound anal to you..." (0:52)

She: "Dreams are of no interest to modern psychology. Freud is dead, isn't he?" (0:57)

She: "Hit me."
"Hit me so it hurts." (1:08)

He: "Good and Evil. They have nothing to do with therapy."
"The evil you talk about is an obsession. Obsessions never materialize... Anxieties can't trick you into doing things you wouldn't do otherwise. It's like hypnotism. You can't be hypnotized into doing something you wouldn't normally do... " (1:11)

She uses scissors to excise her clitoris and labia. (1:32)

Trilogy: Antichrist > Melancholia > Nymphomaniac: Volume I > Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Director: Lars von Trier