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Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett
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Bank robber Terry: "And I've got symptoms. I don't care what that doctor says." (0:05)

Terry tells bank robber Joe, "Yeah well medication's quicker. It's much more effective." (0:07)

Terry listens to audio tapes about diseases. (0:35)

Terry tells Joe, referring to homemaker Kate, "I may have ended up with a slight concussion, and, two, she's mentally unbalanced to a spectacular degree." (0:42)

Terry tells Kate about, "manic depression, delusion..."
"I don't think you're crazy at all." (0:49)

When Terry and Joe tell bank manager Larry, "We're here to rob your bank." he suddenly falls to the floor. His wife Sarah explains,  "It's a disorder that affects your ability to regulate sleep and wakefulness."
"That's cataplexy, a secondary symptom, sudden loss of voluntary muscle control."
Terry: "Why now?"
Sarah: "Emotional stress is the primary igniter." (0:55)

Larry, opening the vault, "I'm a little nervous."
Joe: "Nothing to be nervous about."
Terry: "You see my body chemistry is extraordinarily sensitive to suggestion. Any symptom can be manufactured given the right circumstances, and that by the way doesn't mean it isn't real."
Larry falls to the floor. (0:56)

Terry, confused: "We should be like restrained."
"I probably have a concussion." (1:06)

Terry tells Kate, "I have food allergies"
"and other phobias..."
"like descrophobia."
"fear of getting smaller. I lost two inches in six months."
"Antique furniture scares me half to death." He goes on to list others then manefests a tic around his left eye. (1:14)

Kate asks Terry how he's feeling. He recites a series of physicial symptoms. (1:26)

Joe tells Terry how his brother experienced olfactory hallucinations resulting from a brain tumor.
Later Terry asks Joe, "Could you look at my pupils, and tell me if they're the same?" (1:28)

Terry explains his juke box selection to Kate, "I have to press A-1 on these things. Its an obsessive compulsive thing." (1:38)

Terry bangs his right hand on the table then swings his right arm as he talks about "right side problems. I've got a brain tumor."
Terry's symptoms progress with slurred speech until he collapses on the floor. Conversion paralysis? He thrashes on the floor, drags himself into a chair.
Terry tells Kate, "I have no right side."
When Kate tells Terry that Joe has no brother, he quickly regains full functioning and coordination. (1:39)