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Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Eleanor Bron, Raquel Welch
Sigmund Freud
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Short order cook Stanley, distraught that he cannot muster the courage to tell waitress Margaret how he feels about her, after consulting a book to learn how to properly tie a noose, attempts to hang himself and fails at that as well. George (the devil) observes "I couldn't help but noticing that you were making an unsuccessful suicide bid." (0:05)

George says, "You realize that suicide's a criminal offense. In less enlightened times they'd have hanged you for it." After Stanley explains why he wants to end his life George asks, "Don't you think it's taking the easy way out?" George responds that he "can't even manage to kill myself." (0:07)

George introduces himself as the devil. Stanley tells him, "You're a nutcase. You're a bleedin' nutcase." George replies, "They said the same of Jesus Christ, Freud, and Galileo." (0:9)

Stanley tells George, "How about you checking into the nearest loony bin." (0:11)

On a bus Stanley tells Margaret, "The conventions of an ordered society have made us lose what Freud called [unintelligible German?]" (0:20)

Lord Dowdy stutters. (0:38, 0:41)

Burning trash at a park George tells Stanley, "It's a compulsion." (0:47)

Vanity (one of the seven deadly sins) wears a large mirror in front. (0:48)

At a rock concert Stanley sings, "Love me." (0:55)

George tells Stanly, "I'm so depressed."(1:04)

Having come full circle, Stanley tells George, "If I can't have Margaret, I'll kill myself." (1:33)