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Before We Go

Alan Cox, Mark Kassen, Elijah Moreland, Emma Fitzpatrick, Alice Eve, Daniel Spink, John Cullum, Chris Evans, Scott Evans
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Art consultant Brooke tells trumpet player Nick, "You're gonna do something crazy." (0:17)

Brooke tells Nick, "I feel like an idiot." (0:20)

Brooke asks Nick, "Are you crazy?" (0:33)

By telephone Nick tells himself in the past, "I know this sounds crazy..." (0:38)

Nick tells Brooke, referring to his friend Danny, "His dyslexia really kicks in when he's been drinking." (0:42)

Brooke tells Nick, referring to his ex-lover Hannah, "That will drive her crazy." (0:43)

Nick tells Brooke, "Not in like a depressing way..." (0:52)

Nick asks Brooke, "Sorry you're an idiot?" (0:55)

Nick tells Brooke, referring to fortune teller Harry, "He's either depressed or offended." (0:59)

By telephone Brooke's friend tells her, "... but the alarm went off, and I panicked... but I panicked, and ran." (1:03)

Brooke tells Nick, "There was an email... and I went crazy." (1:08)