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Being There

Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine, Melvyn Douglas, Jack Warden, Richard Dysart, Richard Basehart, David Clennon
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Maid Louise tells gardener chance Chance, "He's dead Chance." Chance displays no emotion. (0:04)

Chance mimics people shaking hands on television. (0:11)

A paraplegic on a television show tells the interviewer about his emotional state: "Well, you get depressed and this kind of thing, usually hits at night." (0:18)

Chance parrots the butler: "I guess that's true." (0:39)

Wealthy businessman Ben tells Chance his doctor is "prolonging my life with steroid therapy." (0:41)

Chance parrots Ben's physician Robert: "Yes, right out of existence." (0:43)

Ben tells president Bobby, "I think what are insightful young friend is saying..." (1:03)

Chance mimics a television yoga instructor. (1:14)

Louise tells her friends Chance is "stuffed with rice pudding between the years." (1:22)

An FBI agent tells the pPesident, "The tailor... took his own life." (1:30)

Chance sheds tears when Ben dies. (2:00)

Funeral for Ben. (2:01)

Constricted affect, autism, limited fund of knowledge, echopraxia, and echolaliaAutistic Disorder, Mental Retardation, Schizophrenia, or just limited life experience?