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Beloved Sisters

Hannah Herzsprung, Florian Stetter, Henriette Confurius, Claudia Messner, Ronald Zehrfeld
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Herr von Werthausen weeps at the coffin of his young wife Frau Von Stein. (0:04)

Her godmother Frau von Stein tells Charlotte von Lengefeld, "Even though we will spend the season nextdoor to a madhouse because no other mansion with a garden was for rent in this town, that, my dear child, is no reason to behave in such a way that passersby mistake our house for an institution." (0:07)

Poet Friedrich Schiller tells Charlotte, "The idea alone makes me giddy every time." (0:15)

Friedrich writes to his friend, "... now I’m happy and confused." (0:26)

Knebel tells Charlotte’s mother Madame Lengefeld, "I'll try and memorize the symbols until the next letter comes."
Madame: ”Has everyone gone mad?” (0:31)

Madame tells Charlotte’s sister Caroline, "... that every idiot in Rudolstadt heard about, even the Prince’s family." (0:38)

Narrator: "The two sisters and the young man were like three sides of a triangle." (0:40)

Knebel tells Friedrick, "You were distracted." (0:47)

Narrator: "Schiller is reproached by his worried friends." (1:07)

His friend Wolzogen tells Friedrich, "What you need is free time without worries." (1:07)

Caroline writes to Charlotte, referring to Madame, "Her eyes hurt, and she was in a foul mood." (1:11)

Caroline writes Charlotte, "It's driving me insane." (1:14)

Frau von Stein tells Charlotte, referring to Caroline, "You spoke of her mood swings." (1:16)

His lover tells Friedrich, "Stay with me for another year; after that I'll kill myself." (1:18)

His lover tells Friedrich, "Your intuition and knowledge of my style of writing should tell you I didn't... so it's idiotic to put moral judgments like wantonness into my mouth." (1:23)

Physician, after examining Friedrich: "A typical symptom." (1:28)

Friedrich lectures: "An image of horror... is seared into man's memory..." (1:33)

Narrator, referring to Caroline and Friedrich: "Schiller hears her voice... but initially thinks he's hallucinating."
A printer tells Friedrich, ”Herr Cotta as an instinct for it.” (1:42)

Caroline's husband Friedrick asks Madame and Knebel, referring to Friedrich Schiller, "Has the writer gone mad?" (2:06)