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Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Martin Lawrence, Brandon T. Jackson, Jessica Lucas, Michelle Ang, Portia Doubleday, Emily Rios, Ana Ortiz, Henri Lubatti, Lorenzo Pisoni, Faizon Love
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The letter carrier tells FBI agent Malcolm, “I know it’s college decision day, but you win the crazy parent award.” (0:03)

Malcolm tells his rapper stepson Trent, “You know you’re lucky your mother’s not here to hear you talk that crazy talk.” (0:09)

Malcolm asks informant Canetti, “You idiot, where is it?” (0:11)

Malcolm asks Trent, “Would you knock off the crazy talk?” (0:18)

Student Charmaine (Trent, cross-dressed) tells house mother Hattie Mae, (Malcolm, cross-dressed), “I’m gonna need a shrink after this.” (0:19)

Hattie Mae tells headmistress Gail, referring to Charmaine, “She’s had a stressful few days.”
Charmaine: “But my shrink in Juvie said I do better with a role model my own age.” (0:24)

Charmaine, referring to Marlo: “Doin’ a bit in Lompoc. Dealin’.” (0:41)

Chirkoff tells thug Dmitri, “Turn it off you idiot.” (0:48)

Hattie Mae tells the art teacher, “Well that just distorts our body image and causes eating disorders.” (0:52)

A student tells Hattie, referring to student Mia, “She’s saying she’s going to kill herself.”
Hattie: “You told me she was going to kill herself.” (0:55)

Chirkoff tells Dmitri and Vlad, “You idiots!” (1:21)

Hattie: “There go one of my flock in need of some counseling.” (1:22)

Vlad tells Chirkoff, “That’s the crazy lady who chased us.” (1:31)

Trent tells Haley, “Look, there’re some crazy, dangerous people after that.” (1:35)